Sunday, March 15, 2020

Only one sentence I come across will do. Sticks. Holds, and holds me.

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The rest of it; the silence, has to be translated only in photos from
a part of our home. Worn, white polka dot wallpaper that someone else
chose once (and, I realise seeing it like this, in pale and white, - a colour scheme
that is in interlude too), a winter that doesn't want to invite spring yet,
and a boy that doesn't understand the word virus as I try to
put it into words why everyone is staying at home so much, us too.
Make sure you stock up on

earthly matters | cassius's bed, bedding and canopy
are all from bonét et bonét, his hula-hoop was seasonally arranged
by the lovely emma of thistle by nature - flower delivery by bike in all
kinds of weather - for us, and the shell pillows are by
wonder woman tamar mogendorff